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Sandwich Panel

Sell MOT Sandwich PanelMOT Panel Sandwich Sell MOT Panel Sandwich, which is a building material that has a three-layered structure consisting of two pieces of hard material used for medical installations. We sell MOT Panel Sandwich with good quality for the work of making a central surgical installation room. CV. Cahaya Abadi Teknik has been trusted as a provider of sandwich panel products for special space construction needs. We are experienced in selling MOT Panel Sandwich which has been widely used for special standard rooms such as; general surgery room, CSSD, induction, infant resuscitation, scrub up, conjoined surgery room, ICU, ICCU, PICU, NICU, anti-radiation room (X-ray room, CT scan, Cathlab, Fluoroscopy, Panoramic, Mammography, ESWL, MRI & DSA), and many more.
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